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Name your post for your character's name, so its searchable. Everyone has a story, a back ground, events that make them who they are. Tell your character's here!
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By Hazel Mar 15, 18
Planning an event, hunting for adventuring companions, looking to buy or sell? Here's the place.
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By Meg A Mar 10, 18
This is where we can talk about the stories that are developing on the server. Just keep in mind that it is just a story, don't make anything personal, and most important, that we are here to support each other. The Gods are watching.
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By Nocturnia Jan 23, 18
Conversations within the nations and groups.
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This is established, world-wide lore. Work with an admin or DM before posting here.
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By redlego10 A Nov 3, 17
Anything that doesn't fall under character biographies or other forums can be posted here, be they stories of your character or completely unrelated!
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By LordFwoosh Mar 11, 18
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Take some time and introduce yourself to us. Let us know what you can/want to do. Tell us all you shouldn't tell strangers on the internet.
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By [Noble] Aidan 20 hours ago
Discussion about general topics.
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By Natie2000 Mar 10, 18
Have some macaroni art you just have to share with the world? Or perhaps just a drawing? Stick it in here.
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By firefox111197 T Feb 10, 18
Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!.
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By Prisinence Jul 15, 16
Any issues you may be having. Need help with homework? Life situation got you down? Computer not running right? We're put on this Earth to help each other so let's do so!
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By Hyrkali Jul 8, 17
Usually, apologies on the forum aren't strictly necessary. If you have wronged someone, go to them before making the matter public. If you don't like something, and it is within your power to fix it, do so. However, sometimes an apology could be written. Here's a place to do it.
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By Mavlin AshNCinder Nov 17, 17
Server and Website
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Official news and announcements.
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By Hyrkali Jun 29, 17
Skills, Horses, Chat, any and all of the plugins that make Myraeon tick!
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By redlego10 A Jan 22, 18
Have a suggestion, idea, or just want to add your two cents, this is where you do it. If I end up using your idea, you will get a reward.
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By Non-Festive Geanova Aug 1, 17
We do need all the help we can get. If you are having issues or just don't know how to do something, post it here. If you find a bug that is non-exploitable, post it here. However, if you discover a glitch or bug that can be exploited for gain, report it privately to a staff member.
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By Hyrkali Aug 3, 17
Unfortunately some people can't follow follow the rules, put themselves above others, don't care for the server, or other things that we have to deal with. In this community we are very open about events and bans are no different. There are no appeals, but there are lessons to be learned.
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By Meg A Mar 14, 18
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